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Hotel Landgasthof Kranz
Römerstraße 18
78183 Hüfingen-Behla
Tel: 0771 / 92280 
Butchery: 0771 / 63413
Fax: 0771 / 9228-82

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Explore our fascinating environment

The village of Behla belongs to the city of Hüfingen, close to Donaueschingen. You can use it as a starting point for several trips and day excursions. Possible trips are the black forest, Switzerland or the lake of constance. Each of these places are reachable within one day. Below, you can see a few interesting activities:

stadt huefingen

Historical city of Hüfingen

A visit to the city of Hüfingen is lovely. The picturesque Old Town invites you to stay and to dawdle. The swimming pool and sauna "Aquari" offers great relaxation. Other highlights in Hüfingen are the Museum of Arts and History and the Roman bathruin.


The source of the Donau in Donaueschingen

The source of one of the longest rivers in Europe is located in Donaueschingen. Visit the source of the Donau in the city of Donaueschingen and you are just next door to the park and the castle of the prince of Fürstenberg.


Train romantik in the Sauschwänzlebahn

Romance with a steam locomotive you can have with the "Sauschwänzlebahn", a train over 100 years old. It takes you through canyons, tunnels and viaducts. The route of the train is an active testimonial of the engineering of the 19th century.


Wutach- und Gauchachcanyon

The "Wutachschlucht", a canyon located in the black forest, is one of the last original river landscapes in Central Europe. It´s one of the oldest nature reserves in Baden-Würrtemberg. In 1939 it became a nature reserve because of it´s flora and fauna.

rheinfall ch

Rheinfall Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

A natural spectacle is the "Rheinfall", the biggest waterfall in Europe. In about 35min you can reach one of the most famous and fascinating attractions of Switzerland. A walk through the charming city of Schaffhausen perfects the visit.

titisee faldberg

Titisee in the Black forest

Next to the Feldberg, the highest mountain of the black forest, the Tittisee lake is located. It´s clear and fresh water refreshes every year many guests to the wonderful city of Tittisee. On the coast some boutiques and gift shops invite you to stay or to go shopping. Our relaxation-looking guests and families with kids we recommend to visit the family-spaBadeparadies Schwarzwald.


The Feldberg in the Black forest

The Feldberg is the highest mountain of the black forest. In the summertime you can go there for hiking. In the wintertime to do all kind of winter sports. This ski-region with it´s easy and middlehard pistes is highly recommended for families with children.


Lake Constance with Mainau and Reichenau

The Lake of Constance with the two islands Mainau and Reichenau is a trip worth taking. The island of Reichenau with it´s correspondent abbie is famous as world heritage, the island of Mainau is famous for it´s parks and gardens. It´s also called the flower island. The City of Constance is the biggest and one of the nicest cities at the lake.